Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture Software 2014 Review

Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture Software 2014

AutoCAD Architecture software is helpful in instantaneous productivity and smooth collaboration within a software environment. This is a purpose-built architectural design and drafting tools made for the efficient, intuitive creation of construction documents and this AutoCAD Architecture software provides AutoCAD-based design and documentation productivity specifically designed for the architects. It also has various other tools to automate drafting tasks and create architectural documentation faster and easier. It is designed specifically for architects to work in the familiar AutoCAD environment, using tools that are purpose-built for architectural design and drafting. It can be used with minimal training, creating documentation, drawings, and schedules faster, with fewer errors, and in a software environment. It also involves making a smooth transition to more advanced features at a great pace and it gives smooth exchange of information easily using the industry-leading DWG file format, and it uses integrated rendering tools to create lifelike design visualizations that enhance communication with clients or customers. So, this software enables the user to design, document, and draft more efficiently, in the familiar Autodesk AutoCAD software environment.

The main features of Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2014 are as follows:-

  1. It has automated property set definitions and to define property sets for easier quantity takeoffs.
  2. It has command line search—architecture styles and it is easier to add styles in the command line.
  3. It has project information file backup and this backup system restores corrupted files.
  4. It has annotation and unit scaling and it can scale tags, text, and objects.
  5. It has escarpment block and can update graphics with slope change.
  6. It has display order by layer. Order layers and preview changes.
  7. It can enable set to layer zero. Move unused layers with a single click.
  8. Block swap. Change blocks instances easily.
  9. It has door enhancements along with streamline door and window placement.
  10. It also has door justification enhancement. Easily place doors and windows.
  11. It has sections and elevations which enable to generate directly from your floor plan.
  12. It has Walls, doors, and windows. Mimic real-world behavior and construction.
  13. It has architectural drawing creation and annotation which enables to annotate drawings more quickly.
  14. It has streamlined user interface and gives easy access to tools and commands.
  15. It has integrated rendering which helps in creating full-color 3D renderings.
  16. It also has wall dimensioning and allows creating dimension as per your own standards.
  17. It has easy scheduling which enables to create custom schedule styles.
  18. It has space tagging and documentation and this enables to tag every room in your drawing.
  19. It also has room documentation. Apply multiple finishes to a surface.
  20. Architectural renovation. Speed the design and production of renovations.
  21. It also supports Industry Foundation Class (IFC).
  22. It supports building SMART certification.
Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture Software 2014 Review AutoCAD Architecture offers quite a variety of options in order to create virtual spaces and buildings. AutoCAD Architecture is one of the most used engineering software available today. Its vast library and the little time it takes objects to load make this software one of the best in the field. The easy access to all the controls and commands and the help menu make this a great choice for both professionals and beginners. So, Architectural drafting features enable you to design and document more efficiently, in the familiar AutoCAD environment. Start working in AutoCAD Architecture and experience productivity gains right away, while learning new features at your own pace.

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