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Use of Cookies

When you visit directly though your browser or through any other medium; depending on your settings, operating systems or platform, there may be a small file downloaded in your system. The file downloaded is also known as “Cookie”. There are several purposes for using cookies and widely used by most leading websites. The primary purpose of cookies is to improve the overall visitor experience, performance and speed of the website.

Cookies are also used to track website’s visit activity, behavior and more.

When you click links from our website, some external websites may also download their own cookies on your platform. Since we can’t control them, we are not responsible for that and subject to their own privacy policy if any.

Visitor Tracking

As soon as you land on our website, we may start tracking your various visitor activities including your previous visit history, IP and dns addresses, your location, pages you visited, clicks made on the website, visiting patterns and many other behavioral tracking. The primary purpose of this visitor tracking is to improvise website’s content and experience. We may use Analytics partners to achieve this. Depending on a third party service (if we use) the data may also be stored on our own servers or partners' servers or both.

Collection of User Data

While you contact us directly via email provided on our website or submit any information through forms, we strictly keep it private or use it for the purpose it provided only. We don’t sale, exchange or rent information provided by you for any other purposes. Such information includes not only your your contact information, but also includes content, email addresses and passwords.

Although we regular audit security of our website and add multiple measures to protect information, any breach in may result in revelation of full or partial data available to public. Users of this website should understand and agree not to claim any damage it may cause.

Intention Based Advertising

To monetize the content of the website, we may often serve relevant ads on our website. These ads are also sold through third party advertising networks or through our own platform or both. These types of advertising usually serve ads based on a user’s past visiting behavior or visitor’s behavior on They are also served based on your previous buying activity, product research activity and potential of the product user is looking. When we sell advertising on our site through third parties, they may also collect your behavior via cookie to sell you ads on other websites using the same network.

Disclosure of Data

In order to comply with local or international government agencies, we may disclose some or all the information submitted on to legal authorities when asked. This includes your visiting activity, your email inquiries, your purchase records if any or other behaviors. However, when doing this, we may also do all the due vigilance about the authority’s request and may require a proper format on request.

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